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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 8, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the streets. >> reporter: one man with a megaphone led several hundred people through the streets of d.c. demanding justice. their message was simple. no coverup. file new charges. >> we want justice now! >> we want justice now. >> reporter: the protests began at the u.s. attorney's office where a crowd of 100 or so shouted their demands. >> we want justice. >> now! >> now. >> today! >> and -- [ indiscernible ] >> it doesn't have to cover up. let it come out. this -- is america. >> my body went cold. that is the best way i can explain it. it's almost like my heart -- i am still having a hard time comprehending. college the crowd began to swell, the man with the megaphone led the demonstrators to the streets to the justice department before taking the protest to the wilson building where they hope to catch the
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attention of the mayor. [ indiscernible ] >> to get it again. >> come on! >> reporter: neither adrian fenty or vincent gray came out to see them, but marion barry did. >> we want justice! >> we want justice! >> a lawyer for the family addressed the crowd. >> we want everyone to know that the case has not been dropped. >> reporter: a message that left many with a look of confusion. college a former member of the u.s. attorney's office, i understand this proez is. what is frustrate -- process. it seems the case is dismissed and hasn't. >> reporter: the court papers filed say the government has interviewed many witnesses, reviewed autopsy photographs and photographs of the scene. examined physical evidence and initiated multiple forensic analysis. at this time, however, there is an insufficient basis to sustain the charge of aggravated assault.
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witnesses told police he was kicked and beaten at the club after allegedly throwing bricks at the window. according to a police affidavit, the medical examiner didn't observe external injuries sufficient to allow it to o pine on the cause of death. and the medical examiner's office said that the cause and manner of death is pending. mohammad's death is under investigation and the d.c. police chief cathy lanier today declined to comment. >> and this is an unusual case. how can witnesses be saying that mohammad was severely beaten and the medical examiner doesn't know how he died? >> that is the key point here, laura. this is called -- this is what police call a probable call arrest. they arrested them on the scene that day and many times when you're doing a murder investigation, you don't know exactly who carried out the crime and takes a couple of
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days. the medical examiner has time to do the autopsy and then they build a case and get an arrest warrant n. this case, it was the probable cause arrest and the body goes to the medical examiner's office and they say we don't know how he died or see the injuries that sustained what the witnesses are saying. the question now is are the witnesses really telling what really happened? that is the question here and if that does not match up, you don't have a case. >> how do they proceed from here then? >> the medical examiner's office is still investigating, they likely doing toxicology tests to see if there is another explaining or reason. but it's possible they could come back with an accidental cause and manner of death. i'm not saying that is going to happen but that is possible and if it's accidental, they can't go forward with murder charges. >> uh-huh. >> and so they need more information before proceeding. >> tragic for that family. >> yeah. >> and that has a lot of people talking tonight. thank you. a bowl mid-afternoon holdup at a prince georges county shopping center. the cops say the suspects stole
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a bag of cash and a gun from an armored car guard. this happened at the pg plaza in hyattsville. after the heist, they took off running and they still on the run tonight. the police are hoping there were witnesses and if you happen to see anything, please give them a call. d.c. police new searching for a driver in a deadly hit- and-run. the victim is a man in his 50s or 60s. the car hit him after mid-night at south capital street and martin luther king judge avenue in southwest. and investigators not sure what kind of vehicle was involved here and believe that it may have been a mercedes. a surprise plea deal in the murder of popular d.c. principal brian betts, a 19- year-old admitting he was the triggerman and the one who planned the robbery. beth parker has all the details. beth. >> reporter: well, shawn n court today, we learned a lot of new details about the case. one of the defendants, saunders, acknowledged being the person who pulled the trigger and we learned he agreed to leave the door to his home open as he waited for a
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person he met on a sex chat line and that person on that chat line was alanti saunders, 18 years old at the time and he went to the house planning to rob bets and said he did not plan to shoot him. the robbery went bad and bets was shot one time. the bullet pierced his heart, lungs and spinal card. bets was a revered figure and students referred to him as a father figure. that is colleagues at shawn middle school had got suspicious when the principal didn't show up for work. the police went to the house and found him dead in his bedroom. that was on april 15th and missing from the home were a tv, an ipod, a computer, a gps and nissan xterra. the credit cards were used within hours of the murder by several people, including saunders and his fingerprints were found in bets' car days later. today, saunders plead guilty to first-degree felony murder and
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agreed to a life sentence with all but 40 years of it suspended. >> and what about the other people charged in this case? >> saunder is the trigger man but there are three others accused of being at the house that night and have court cases coming up the next few months and one of the mothers of the defendant is charged with using bets' credit card. >> thank you. investigators at the scene going through what is left of a falls church mcmansion that burned to the ground early yesterday and they haven't released an official cause of the fire but people who live in the neighborhood say they have their suspicion. fox 5s karen gray houston went to the scene today and is here with the latest. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: that we don't know what caused that fire, even though many of the area residents believe that it was arson. we do know there were a number of complaints about the house. it took more than three years to build it and fairfax county officials tell us they received several complaints that that was taking entirely too long. they sent inspectors out, the
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inspectors confirmed the building permit was valid and the house itself was up to code. they brought in the heavy earth movers to pick up the charred rubbles. so investigators can try to figure out why the 11,000- square-foot house that used to sit here at the corner of haycock and westmoreland went upno in flames. >> is there any way arson this had anything to do with it? >> that can't be determined at this time and -- in the area.
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the heat was fierce. the flames could be seen blocks from here and the owner's home next door had a lot of damage. he gave us a tour. >> the windows are broken, the view of melted a bit and the trim above it. this is all scotched and that window's broken. >> reporter: nobody can stop talking about the fire. >> we look out this window and there is nothing but a wall of fire coming at us. we ran out the door. >> reporter: these home owners are being careful not to point blame. they waiting for the experts to figure out the cause and many of the other folks in the neighbor are not mincing any words. they doubt the fire was an accident. >> i know it's suspicious. everyone think it's suspicious and arson. >> there is a possibility of arson here. that is a possibility. >> reporter: we don't know when we will know what caused the fire. a spokesman tells us that they don't put a time limit on their investigators. the house is a total loss, an estimated million dollars in damages, laura.
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>> any idea who built this house or who owns it? >> yes, we know the builder's name, it's lawrence o'connor, he's with lawrence o'connor construction, the county officials tell us he was the contractor on that project and we were not able to reach him today. i spoke by phone to his wife and she's upset. she is shocked and appalled that things that people in the neighborhood are saying and i asked her if she thought someone might have set the fire and she said she would not want to make that kind of assumption, laura. >> okay, karen gray houston, thank you. a suspected pipe bomb forced police to evacuate many apartments. the maintenance worker found the device at the glendale apartment complex on good luck road. the firefighters came in and removed the device. investigators have not revealed whether it was an actual pipe bomb. president obama continues his trip to asia meeting with india's prime minister. the from the and mrs. obama began the day with the wreath laying at the memorial. mr. obama and the indian prime
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minister said the countries agree to work closer in hammering out terrorism and nuclear proliferation issues. >> those guys, if there is -- from all of them going. that is white house press secretary robert gibbs, threatenning to pull president obama out of that meeting today. gibbs was upset that indian officials were not letting all 80 error error white house reporters in -- all 80 error error white house reportersspo -- all 80 error error eight reporters in. and we're talking an average 62 miles a gallon. a reality on the roads in 15 years. who won't be on board withna idea? we're going to tell you. sherry. unsightly, that is how some describe the security checkpoint outside of the washington monument. the temporary structure has been around for eight years. now, the national park services vision to change it. keep it here, you're watching fox 5 news at 5 and we're getting started. 
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>> the washington monument is in need of a permanent change in security. the current visitor security screening facility was temporary, but a new one will require some big changes and tonight, the national park service is unveiling its proposals to the public. sherri ly has more. >> reporter: shawn, you can see the washington monument here behind the national park service headquarters, where that meeting is being held.
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now, plans to create a tunnel system at the washington monument were scrapped long ago, but now the park service has new plans that they will be presenting to the public. there are five options and this will be a chance for the public to weigh in. the washington monument towers above the national mall, an architectural icon like no other. >> a part of everyone coming to washington to go up and to be able to do it. >> it's a beautiful place and open. >> reporter: a view spoiled by this utilitarian building protruding from the base. >> that is in tightly, isn't it? >> of course, it's a distraction. >> reporter: the building which is used for visitor's security screening was supposed to be temporary. it's now going on 8 years and architectural eyesore to historic purists. >> that was never ever meant to be a permanent solution and that we always had in mind developing a permanent screening facility for visitors
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coming in to the washington monument. >> reporter: the national park service is proposing five different plans for a new security checkpoint. four of the plans would create an underground entrance, the other a glass building shaped to fit in with the monument's design. >> underground would be the best. >> yeah. >> and you think? why? >> clear out of sight and that glass is still there. >> reporter: the park service said any underground facility wouldn't endanger the monument's structural integrity. >> there is no danger of the washington monument moving or having the position elder -- altered. >> the one possibility no one wants to consider, closing the inside of the monument to the public permanently. >> don't close the monument. we need it and this is a part of history. >> reporter: every day, free tickets are gone in less than an hour, a solution that combines the aesthetics and security is what is needed. now, the national park service
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wants people to be very specific, tell them why you like one plan or why you don't like a plan. be very specific. they want to hear from the public and this kick starts what is going to be a very long process before they can win final approval. tonight's meeting starts at 5:30 and just a short time from now. shawn? >> when will a final decision be made about the plans and when will the changes be implemented? >> that is a long process as i motioned and the park service said at best estimate, it could take at least a year before they could break browned and another 18 months to two years to complete construction and that is subject to change. this must pass historical review and environmental review process and two federal commissions. the national planning capital commission and the commission on fine arts have to approve of this and if they don't get
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through all the processes, well, these plans could change along the way or they could end up having to start again from scratch. >> i think you answered that, they're five proposals on the table and they're not necessarily set in stone then. >> definitely not necessarily set in stone and this is to kick start the process to get people to weigh in on what they think and based on what the public -- and what they hear from other organizations, they may make changes to the five proposals or, as i said again, they could start from the beginning. >> all right, thank you. creating a winter wonderland at the national harbor fit for a grinch. 40 ice carvers from china are helping to create the exhibit featuring how the grinch stole christmas. the display uses 2 million pounds of ice to create a real life whoville. it opens november 18th and tickets for adults start at $24. >> that is cool. >> yeah.
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>> they had an ice displace last year, as i recall. >> uh-huh. >> and for the kids, it was cold. i didn't take my kids with me and i know beth took her son and -- you know. >> you had to wear -- . >> a park a. we're going on -- . >> and that is beautiful. >> the good news is you probably didn't need a parka today. chilly and warmer than it has been. gary? >> i needed a parka. >> you did? it was gold for me. >> and that managed up to 64, though. >> and -- >> yeah, to start the day. >> all right. >> walking the kids to school. >> yeah, with the wind, too and winds were gusting over 30 miles an hour and with true view, we have clouds to the northeast of us. that big area of low pressure is sitting and spinning and to new england, trying to kick up clouds in to place. there is a little bit of rain and to that north-northeast of us and around phily is the best chance of getting some of that rain and you can see it here.
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that is circulating around that area of low pressure and that should stay to the northeast of us. okay. and i don't think we have to worry about any rainfall aught of -- out of this area of low pressure and in terms of the forecast, it will get chilly and staying breezy all night long. tomorrow, not as breezy as what it was today. 56 at 7:00, 52 at 9, and probably down into the upper 40s in some places at 11:00. the full forecast, and looks like a good one. we'll talk about it. >> see you son. thanks. a traffic alert to pass along. d-dot is installing a raised center median on connecticut avenue northwest between k and l streets and work will begin this week and that will be finished. there will be temporary lane closures and d-dot promises to
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have two lanes open and that bus stop will remain in price. -- place. automakers are fighting back against the regulations proposed by the obama administration. it would boost the average fuel economy to $62 miles a gallon by 2025. opponents -- by billions and some are threatenning to take the proposal to court. high in the skies, the airline plans to hire 420 flight attendants and 80 pilots next year and they will get the first chance and most of the new pilots and flight attendants will be flying by july. no rest for the weary, especially if you're a red skin. the team returned for the five- week break and hit the practice field. lindsay murphy has a update on the practice and the latest on mcnabb. >> reporter: in one week, the redskins and eagles will hit primetime. a monday night rematch of a
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game that in week 4 was too close for comfort. coming off a disappointing week 8 loss in detroit. the redskins made moves and played safety chris horton on season-ening reserve and with -- season-ending reserve and banks will miss two to three weeks and on a positive note, clinton portis and terrain were back in pads and on the practice field and portis with the groin injury and with a hamstring injury. mike shanahan said it's too early to tell if they'll play next monday and he was, however, able to go full speed and mcnabb is back from the biweek. his hamstrings feel better and shanahan was asked to address the decision again. >> and that is a toughdetion. you -- decision. you have to make the decisions that are not always popular and -- >> stoles you don't make the right decision and you make the decision based on, you know, your gut feeling during the
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week and -- you go there. >> we know the situation and that they took them on the two- minute situation and high understands that and is our starting quarterback from now and the future, hopefully and we have to roll it. >> and elsewhere days after the cowboys owner came out and endorsed the head coach wade phillips the sec time, he changed his mind and fired phillips, a move that is not surprising and dallas promoted jason garrett to take his place and we'll have more on the story coming up at 6:00. >> and looking forward to it, thank you. planes grounded. >> we're learning about the engines on board the quantas a- 380 and why some say the danger is not over. that is coming up next. also ahead, a massive fireball, cargo trains colliding and sending flames and plumes of black sneak into the. >> s -- skies. the scoop is coming up next on what they were hauling. 
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>> she is serving time for murder and an american student is facing new charges of slander. an italian judge ordered kmox to stand trial for claiming police beat her when questioned in 2007 about her roommate's murder. she never meant to slander anyone and is serving 26 years for the murder of her roommate and knox denies killing her. following a developing story out of poland. two cargo trains collided and sending huge fireballs into the sky. one was carrying tanks of oil when another train slammed in to it. 17 of the tanks caught fire and began explodes. you can see the video here, very, very dramatic. one of the train operators was hurt and amazingly, there are no other injuries and a possible clue tonight to what caused the engine to fail on a quantas superjumbo jet. officials uncovered oil leaks on three other planes. a plane headed to sidney, australia, made a safe landing
5:27 pm
last week and qantas grounded all the a-380s to find the cause and discovered the leaks on all three engines. they will stay grounded for another three days. violent home invasions, the suspects using knives to terrorize the victims. the targets, local university students. >> what is being done to curve this round of crime? we're live with that. plus, the clock is ticking, the medical bills keep piling up for sick and injured 9/11 first responders. will a massive lawsuit move forward now? the details are next. plset/g
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil.
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with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. >> howard university students robbed at knife point in their
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own moment -- homes by a group of thugs. one student has been hurt and there were three attacks since saturday morning. maureen umeh is live with more in northwest with the details. maureen? >> reporter: shawn, two of the robberies occurred in offcampus homes housed by students and some at howard. they're afraid the robbers may come back and attack them again. the first happened at a home near the intersection. the victim, a group of student, said he and his roommates threw a party and were asleep, when seven people came through the door and had knives. he tried to fight them off but there were two many of them. he was stabbed on the arms and with a bruise on the face and the knee was busted. he said it was almost as if the guys knew the layout of their house because they proceeded to go through and stealing anything they could find and stole laptops, cash, the cell phones and 30 minutes later, another group was attacked and
5:32 pm
again, by a group of suspects about seventh, 8 were in maps. the suspects burst through the basement door and demanded cash, saying they had knives and a gun. the last happened on illinois avenue. the victim said a group of masked men using two teenage girls came through the front door. they had knives and guns and they were demanding several items. he showed me the injuries of being stabbed in the hands. there were too many of them and could not keep up. after awhile they left and not before taking mean and other items, leaving his family completely shaken. these robbers are being investigated by d.c. police and in that third district. and i talked about what is going on. >> are they connected? you think they're the same ones committing the trim -- crimes? >> and all three crimes
5:33 pm
occurred within a 24-our period on the same day and the victims and the two cries we feel confident are related to each other and the victims are college students who were living in a group house together and that is a commonality and both had hosted parties at their house which may have attracted some people to the house that were not normally known to them. >> again, two of the instruments conducted the third one and police are not sure yet and they urging residents to be on alert and they expected to recover physically and emotionally, they're simply a mess and they tell me that they plan to move. >> and i can understand them. you say there is a connection between here. they all have similarities. do police think the crimes are gang related? >> you know, you know in that area around us, georgia avenue and the 5500 block of georgia avenue, there has been some gang activity. in fact, the murders in that
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area and police tell us no, they don't think that that particular incident is gang- related. >> maureen umeh reporting live. thank you. >> uh-huh. we have a health alert to pass along. a new study out of europe suggests the use of mild pain killers during pregnancy can cause health problems in baby boys. it may lead to a increase in male reproductive disorders. men who had taken the drug for more than a two-year period are at highest risk. a group of parents wants you to think twice before putting your kids on sing u lair. here's more. >> reporter: manier doctors will tell you they think sing u lair is a drug that helps with asthma attacks and bad allergies. predescribeed -- prescribed to adults and small kids, some as young as 2 years old or so and the number of parents say sing
5:35 pm
u lair was behind the strange behavior in their kids. even the kids themselves say they knew something was wrong. >> i tried to stop -- doing bad things and i told it to stop but i kept on doing it. >> we're going to show you what those bad things, otherwise known to grownups as side effects are, that parents say to watch out for and what the drug maker said are the concerns. >> are these side effects in children? >> it's not. it's for both adults and kids. the drug maker said the side effects will pop up in both and we discovered the problem with kids is that it can be tough for parents and doctors to tell the different between the terrible twos and we'll show you why tonight. >> interesting, can't wait to see that. >> and thank you. most of the men and women
5:36 pm
who risked their lives as first responders and laborers with 9/11 have huge medical bills. today is the deadline for them to decide if they will join a legal settlement to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars or take the cases to trial. >> i want to start putting this behind me. >> reporter: glen kline worked 800 hours in the toxic dust at ground zero, developed asthma and has scarred lungs. >> we're know we're not going to live as long as we would have lived had 9/11 not happened. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people sued new york city and companies who handled the massive cleanup after the 9/11 attacks. >> they were not thinking of protecting themselves and thinking of doing a job. >> reporter: many claim to be suffering from illnesses from inhaling the stuff from the twin towers. >>. there is something called the world trade center cough. almost half of the people exposed have that. >> and a lawyer said with
5:37 pm
monday's deadline looming a large percentage of those eligible have signed on. they need 95% of plaintiffs to say yes for the deal to go through. >> we don't neglect our veterans if they're injured when they do something brave and courageeous and these people did the same thing. >> we will be able to provide consistent federal funding for treatment and research of the health problems that first responders and others may have experienced because of the world trade attack. >> the settlement would distribute more than 700 million workers based on the illnesses, and many would supply the process of gut wrenching. >> we're looking out for the best interest of the family and we want to make sure our family is taken care of when we're not here anymore. a piece of history not seen for more than 7 decades. wait until you hear what crews dug out of lake michigan. the story is coming up next. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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[ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ >> we're getting a look at a
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rare piece of history that was buried in lake michigan. earlier today, navy cruise helped raise a world war ii fighter jet. the plane crashed during a training exercise and the pilot survived the crash and later died in combat. the warplane is called a corsair and will be preserved and on display. two turkeys won't end up on anyone's table this year. president obama will pardon the turkeys. they pro-- chose foster farms in california to get the birds. both turkeys will end up at disneyland and live out their days in frontier land. >> and good for them. >> people are working on their christmas trees and this is made of steel. the crews are building a tower of metal. when finished, it will be 50,000 lights and will be able to am more than 100,000 pounds
5:42 pm
of ice during the harsh minnesota winters. >> wow. >> and did you see the christmas lights are up? >> they are? >> it seems early. >> no way. can never be too early. the cool fall temperatures out there and a beautiful start to the workweek. >> and even better. gary's tracking the warm-up. the full forecast is next.
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>> we were talking about this. some people love it, some hate it and we're talking about early holiday advertising. it's not your imagination. some has started. fox 5s melanie alnwick is here to talk about what is going on. i think it started in august. [ laughter ] >> and may have. it's called christmas creep and, no, i don't mean that strange dude in the office with your mistletoe. it's holiday advertising and creeping up earlier and earlier each year. target, wal-mart and kmart have
5:46 pm
started their prethanksgiving promotions and that happened before halloween and this weekend, kohl's, macy's, sees and express leaked their black friday ads online. best buy started the holiday ad list november 1st, 10 days earlier than it has been before and it's begun the shop-early, save big sale event offering black friday prices, they say, earlier than the store has done in the past. we asked the vice president of the national retail federation what is going on. >> it's all a tough balancing act if you're a retailer between promoting the holiday season too soon and, unfortunately, promoting the holiday season too late. i think retailers are trying to take cues from their customers. 40% of consumers start their shopping before halloween. they need to be ready and have the right merchandise mix and promotions. >> best buy said its research showed a need to appeal to moms who are, let's face it,
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high pressure is trying to build in and looks like the high pressure will build in at all levels all the way into the upper levels of the atmosphere and that will help us and that looks like finally it will start to warmure temperatures up, mid- to upper 60s and we're not going there yet and that could happen towards the end of the week and a cool start, high cloud or two and still think we'll have lots of sunshine tomorrow and start off in the mid-40s and the mid-50s at noontime and looks like for highs tomorrow, we should make
5:53 pm
it into the lower 60s, not quite as breezy as today and i don't think it's going to be 64 degrees. i wouldn't go 61 to 62 for tomorrow and for the next few days, we're going to stay in there in the lower 60s. it looks look as we start getting to the latter part of the week and into the weekend, maybe we can start bringing some of the temperatures up into the mid-60s and that will be a treat and, let's see, the middle part of november . >> is that normal? >> no, normal is 60. >> uh-huh. >> and the normal is in the upper 50s. >> wow. >> and that will be nice a few degrees above normal and lots of sunshine. >> good. >> thank you, gary. to the talk of the town on tmz. michael jackson's new song, the entire tune called breaking news is online. the debate over who really recorded this song continues and harvey levine live in l.a. we know you told us about this on friday. you heard the song and we understand the jackson family
5:54 pm
or members are claiming that it's not michael's voice. what is going here? >> think it's michael jackson and this was recorded, shawn n's home studio in new jersey with a friend of his or the family friend who was a producer and did that in 2007. they were going to put additional track on top of it and michael jackson died, they could not do that and it's not as produced and that is why the kids may have heard this disparity but everybody sortd with albums and songs say it's michael jackson. >> i'm a big fan. looking forward to hearing it. thank you so much and we'll see you for tmz. let's go to brian bolter and what is next on the news edge at 6. coming up in just six minutes, a guilty plea in the murder of a popular d.c.
5:55 pm
principal. coming up at the top of the hour, the new details revealed in court about what led to his death. it's the report that metro doesn't want you to see. why it appears the rioting was on the wall before an escalator accident sent several people to the hospital. and cheap chocolate, a thing of the past. all new on the edge. why some say it could be as rare and expensive as caviar in the future. see you at 6. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪
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[ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits a delicious addition to the family. simply... new from pillsbury. >> dogs can vacation in the lap of luxury, in the heart of las vegas. this sheltie is the first dog to check in to a hotel on the strip and cesar's palace is having a pet stay. for an extra $25, they can stay in the pet rooms. they have dog beds, bowls, pickup bags and treats. >> travelling in style.
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thank you for joining us at 5. >> thage in 6 starts now. -- the news edge at 6 starts now. on the news edge at 6, a major surprise development in the murder case of a popular d.c. principal. the teenager accused of shooting brian bets pleaded guilty today in montgomery county court. beth parker was there and has that story. >> reporter: betts was revered in the d.c. public schools, students viewed him as a father figure and that his colleagues got suspicious when the principal didn't show up for work today. a guilty plea in the case. in court, saunders acknowledged being the person who pulled the trigger. >> the state is confident that mr. saunders is the individual who shot brian betts. mr. betts died as a result of a single gun shot wound that caused major damage to his heart and lungs. >>ep


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